Who Is Corsac?

A small town software developer with a soft spot for wildlife.

Mark Ivanowich
Mark Ivanowich
Owner / Software Developer

Mark Ivanowich got his start in website development thanks to a how-to programming book left behind from an older sibling. His first webpage mimicked a video game review article with poorly drawn pixel art.

Throughout High School Mark picked up C, Java, and PHP with ease, where he would buy his first domain name. After going to Carleton University for IT, Mark has returned to Dryden to build websites full time.

Mark is well versed in Linux server administration, email, networking security, and Android application development.

What is a corsac?

The corsac is a small-size breed of fox with sand-coloured or silvery fur.
Found in Mongolia and northeastern China, the corsac keeps its distance from human disturbances, living in lightly forested areas.

The habitat of the corsac fox closely resembles Mark Ivanowich: he travels to the city only when required, rarely escaping the comfort between city and solitude. His love for furred animals and respect for the underappreciated made the corsac the perfect mascot for his business.

Corsac Design and Development is a registered Dryden Ontario sole-proprietorship, with the goal of bringing online representation for local businesses.

Corsac's Trusted Advisors



Graphic Designer, Photographer

Alana is a Graphics Designer, Photographer, and fellow dog lover living in Ajax.
Alana sees success in her own photography business, with her graphic design work even being featured on Parliament Hill in Ottawa!
Alana met Mark during college, where Mark offered to tutor in coding assignments. Since then, they have been close friends who frequently advise each other on the best practices in their respective fields.



Digital Marketing Strategist

Laurie is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist living in Lindsay Ontario.
Laurie was building a social media presence that needed a graphic designer. It didn't take long for her to find Alana nearby.
Alana connected Laurie to Mark, where the three formed a close bond with their complementary skill sets and love for animals. Laurie is Mark's primary contact for copywriting, search statistics, and social media management.